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Well hello Livejournal. Glad to be back.. I missed my Arashi fandom ^^


a bunch of people got laid off today - my boss and co-workers included. somehow i got to keep mine. not sure that's good or not.
this is a depressing day.. my boss just got a house... i can't even....  

D.C !!! Fireworks!!

So I think I'm gonna go with some friends to see the fireworks @ the National Mall D.C this coming 4th of July. This will be a first for me..and everyone has been trying to talk me out of it (traffic etc) which makes me want to go even more lulz! After tomorrow, I'll be done with all of my Accounting classes!!! V^O^V So I need some way to celebrate and fireworks sounds perfect YEEEEHAA! I have a couple general classes to take before I can graduate but I will try to CLEP out of them... Hopefully within a year and half my contract's up and I can quit and find a much better paying job...

KAT-TUN's Jin Akanishi is coming to NY in October for a solo concert. I'm thinking of going. hmm....if it was Jin AND sexy Kame I wouldn't have to think about this, it would be a definite yes...I mean..just look at how yummy they are... hihi ;D

how long has it been?

can't remember the last time i updated this thing! but i'm an active lurker. I have 2 things

1. Chicken pox. Really.

2. i think i managed to delete/remove either some or all of my f-list. i don't know how to find that out so if you think i removed you and you still love me, please tell me so i can add you again.

well that's it.

c ya

Jul. 10th, 2009

mi goreng pake telor ceplok (instant fried noodle with sunny side up) while watching Himitsu Arashi-chan.... I luv the weekend!!!! ^___^

Can anyone recommend me a good reading? I have an 11-hour flight next Friday...
I normally love dark teen fiction so i picked up like 8 novels from the library and started to read them all but for some reason I can't find myself to enjoy them...


after 5 days of 14 hours / day @ work and night Accounting classes....... it's finally the weekend..
thank freaking gosh... !!!!!!


OH..... MY.... GOD
replaying the dvd... for the 6th time now
i'm such a vampire movie whore..


So after paying for all my bills I have about $225 left in my bank account which is only possible because I have money left from my tax return =.=;
How is life going for everyone in this economy? I still have my job. Heh, not sure that's a good thing or not..but you can only be thankful you still have a source of income right?

My mom was hospitalized for 3 days due to internal bleeding. She's a temp at her working place = no insurance. She had blood transfusion, 3 different GI tests. and x-ray..I can't wait to get the hospital bills *shudders* . BUT she's ok now and that's all I care about.

Not much of an update... nor do I have anything interesting to share. I was just thinking of you all..hopefully everyone is doing okay. Who's ready for Spring? I'm not.. -.-
Ah.. for Yaoi lover out there, my friend Lee-chan especially, have you seen Antique Bakery the Korean live action movie? It's really worth seeing I really enjoyed it!

And here's a wedding cake idea in case you're getting married XD

for the sake of being random

because www.tumblr.com is made of awesome, thanks star_flare !

Would you like to donate rice to help end hunger?? AND improve your English at the same time? Come join me : freerice.com

There is only a few hours left to my "vacation". Tomorrow's menu: get my butt out of bed early a.m, drive w/ my eyes open, force a smile and greet those grumpy women at the office, spare a few minutes for their SNL soap opera.. Somebody will be having soup for lunch... someone must've lost their glasses over the weekend...and found it... and decide that the world can't wait to hear about it. Ahhh I love 'back from holiday' drama! XD
Next week I'm back to college - Full time work, my interpretation job, part time school and life... Yosha!
Everyone.... HAVE A GOOD WEEK / MONTH / YEAR if I don't talk to you again. And remember.....

p.s : I'm a 'tard and I love you : P
" To live would be an awfully big adventure...."
~Peter Pan